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Amazing Great Wall Section, Exciting Hiking Experience

During 2 days, we hiked on Jinshanling Great Wall, really refresh feeling! After my business in China, I explored Jinshanling Great Wall with my Chinese friends. In the original time I have heard Jinshanling Great Wall still kept the original features and tastes, at that time, I did not believe.

Jinshanling Great Wall

On the first day, we started our tour in the afternoon. Weather showed a little hot but comfortable. On the whole journey, we talked about Chinese suburb area and later development. Driver is local people with skillful driving experience. After arriving at the foot of Jinshanling Great Wall, we took out and camera taking pictures with the surrounded. We started our hiking journey from the west section. With the plants new blossoming, I felt the new life of this section. We climbed faster than any other tourists, appreciating the scenery far distance and the great wall buildings. In the start, hiking journey is plat without any dangerous routes. Touching the ruined sections, I recorded Chinese history. Wild and original tastes conveyed typical feeling to my min. The watch towers seemed to be doing their best keeping the utmost perfect appearance. The wall buildings winded and zigzagged stretching to the far distance. Grey bricks represented profound history. Most of them started to appear the flaws.

Jinshanling Great Wall

With hiking journey becoming far and far, my friend got more and more tired. Turning around to see the journey we passed through, I considered how much painstaking the ancient building workers paid. So grand stone, bricks and far journey! Accompanying with him, we choose a place for a short resting. Sitting down, appreciating the scenery along side, I felt more exciting. Among the large scale green land, some little flowers appeared to smile with the surroundings. Jinshanling Great Wall became more vigorous and alive under their protecting. About a hard treking, we stepped on the top. This time, sun is falling down. In the west, I saw the typical red color shining the elegant buildings, mysterious and dazzling. This time, I think the moment is the most charming moment. I gave a gorgeous picture with this section.

Staying in the farm house, we enjoyed typical treatment, cozy and memorable!