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Exciting Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking Tour

Staying in Beijing for three years, I visited Badaling Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall. These two buildings have best preserved appearance and charming sceneries, especially Mutianyu Great Wall. Since I liked Chinese ancient history and culture very much, so this time, I chose the wild section, Jinshanling!

Jinshanling Great Wall

I have heard that Jinshanling Great Wall is the most original building in the earlier time. But because of its far distance from Beijing center, I was failed to climb. Last Saturday, together with my friend, we left the most meaningful impression on it. Tour guide was very considerate and picked us up from the hotel and transferred to this fairy land. About three hours later, we arrived. At that time, I did not clearly see its whole appearance but the top and its peak. It is summer season when Jinshanling Great Wall showed a little sophisticated. After getting some tips, we started our journey. The road is soil full of wet earth and wild grasses. After several minutes, we got the step. If I described it as step, it is wrong. In fact, they are all the earth steps. What to my surprised is that this Great Wall has been destroyed much without completely walls and watchtowers. We took a lot of pictures with this mysterious attraction including its floor, ruined walls and the wild grasses as well as the charming sceneries far distance.

We climbed and talked with each other. The level of difficulty can be classed as "relaxing", even if certain paths are tricky. Appreciating the far distance, this elegant project presented tiny. But I could see clearly its dragon-style layout. It is truly a nice place to enjoy ancient Chinese culture. With original features and the wild appearance, Jinshanling Great Wall carved my mind deeply. After walking to the watchtower, we saw the ruined wall without roof. All my nerves became more inspired. We sit on the corner and enjoy the cool feeling the breeze brought from the back mountain, very ease and cozy. Sky is typical blue mixing with some white clouds. Although the summer is hot, we still felt very comfortable in Beijing suburb area. We walked far sharing our feelings and experiences on the journey. I did not know how far we walked. I only knew we stayed on this fairy attraction for four three hours.

I cherished the Jinshanling Great Wall experience very much. It brought me too much from body to the mind!