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Experience Autumn Mountain Scenery

Nowadays Beijing has received loads of tourists for autumn view appreciating. Among the natural scenic spots, Yunfeng Mountain ranks the first.

Beijing Yunfeng Mountain

Feature of Yunfeng Mountain
Located in the north bank of Miyun Reservoir, Yunfeng Mountain is endowed to the unique charming and tranquility. It is within the embrace of two great landmarks - Simatai Great Wall and the Yunmengshan National Forest Park. The best feature is the pleasant climate all the year around. So, it becomes an ideal place for enjoying autumn holiday. Once entry into this area, you can feel unique golden colors and the sparkling sceneries, trees, grasses and wild flowers. Even though it is in the autumn, they are still showing the best blossoming. This mountain is a unique elevation containing a large variety of oddly-shaped stones. Covered by lush grass and trees virtually the entire year, the peak is steep and wondrous jutting upright into the sky. Climbing on the top, you can easily overlook Miyun Reservoir which likes a bright pearl.

Treasures of Yunfeng Mountain
In addition to appreciate the golden landscapes, there are many other compelling sights in the scenic area including Chaosheng Temple, Maya Stone Inscriptions and Chaoyang Cave, etc. Built during Sui and Tang Dynasties, this ancient temple echoes forests and forms a harmonious spot, a rarity in bustling Beijing. Behind the temple, it is the oldest and largest Moya Stone Inscriptions in Beijing which refer to the characters carved on the natural rocks. The imposing twelve groups of inscriptions are well preserved and every character is about one meter in size, reflecting great value of calligraphy art and cultural relic appreciation. Measuring about twelve meters deep, six meters wide and seven meters high, Chaoyang Cave is a natural granite cave attracting people's attention. The scenic mountain road from Chaosheng Temple to Chaoyang Cave ends with 110 steps leading up the cave. In the middle of this cave, there is the Kwan-yin statue, accompanied by two similar statues of fairies. What the most attractive is there is a natural giant formation on the grayish-white walls of the cave.

Enjoying the charming autumn scenery at the top of Yunfeng Mountain is a breathtaking experience! The toll of the temple bell in the morning and the drumbeats at dusk only serve to enhance the feeling. If you like, join us!