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Explore Black Dragon Pool in Summer

Hailed as one of the most sought after summer retreats in Beijing, a visit to the Black Dragon Pool takes you to get away from the city noises, the crowds and the fast pace! It is a great way to relax and take in rural Beijing at the same time.

Beijing Black Dragon Pool

Overview of the Scenic Area
The national 3A level scenic area, Black Dragon Pool is located in the northwest of Miyun County, 93 kilometers away from Beijing. The stream flow is formed in the gully erosion type pool. At the beginning of the last century, Beijing summer flood carried a lot of sand, with the flow velocity, maximum erosion, a large number of riverside rock surfaces have been formed here. In the course of time, the formation of a large number of pools has completed and scattered all over in this area. The scenic area has attracted a lot of visitors to do sightseeing or relax here, since in 1984 it was officially opened to the public. Covering a total area of 9 square kilometers, it is a canyon corridor, with a total length of 4 km and the drop more than 220 meters.

Highlight of the Scenic Area
There are a large number of pools and lakes as well as waterfalls which can be seen at every turn of this scenic area. Charming Cave: as a 15 meter deep cave, there are incredible sights inside the cave, which can hold more than 100 people. In order to avoid visitors suffering climbs up the cave, from the entrance to the exit there is a staircase built, known as the Tongtiandong. Through this cave, you can get to the top of the waterfall. The Black Dragon Pool covers an area of only 4 to 5 square meters, with the depth of 25.6 meters. With smooth cliffs, in strange shape, it is the deepest lake in Beijing. Since 1985, the Black Dragon Pool Scenic Area offers spring outing, summer retreat, autumn harvest, winter ice climbing activities and performances, attracting lots of visitors.

Overall, Black Dragon Pool is well worth exploring for those who want to find top summer retreats in Beijing!