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Explore History of Great Wall

Hailed as one of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Wall enjoys a high prestige and a profound history. For those history buffs, the history of the Great Wall is not to be missed while visiting Beijing. There is no better way to get to know the history of the Great Wall than a visit to Chinese Great Wall Museum.

Great Wall Museum

Overview of Great Wall Museum
Chinese Great Wall Museum is located at the foot of the Badaling Great Wall in Beijing, using the Great Wall as the theme, the museum reflects the history and current situation of the Great Wall, modeled after antique style Beacon Tower. The appearance of the museum resembles the solemn Great Wall, and all blend into one harmonious whole and add radiance and beauty to each other. The unique design of exhibition space is in line with the meandering Great Wall, just like placed on Jiayuguan or Shanhaiguan. Basic display includes the Great Wall from all dynasties, the Ming Great Wall, construction equipment, the Great Wall battles, the economic and cultural communication, national art treasure, love China repair the Great Wall - a total of seven parts, to show the basic context of the Great Wall and the development, structure and layout of the Great Wall building, history of major battles inside and outside the Great Wall. The exhibition is based on the Great Wall cultural relics unearthed, specimen essence, historical documents, photos and models. Meanwhile, part of the high-tech exhibition means is used to simulate the Great Wall battle scene and atmosphere, which makes it different from similar museums of the Great Wall.

History of the Great Wall
During the Warring States period, the Qin, Zhao, Yan were located on the north of the country, the construction of the Great Wall was to defend the Huns. The Great Wall is a fortification, fortress and pass. As a military defense project of the inner land, it was built as early as in the primitive times. Because it could play a defensive role effectively, it was used and expended by later dynasties. The Great Wall first appeared in the spring and Autumn period, such as the Fangcheng (in Henan Nanyang area). The northern nomads moved fast as cavalry, very unfathomable, inner countries could not stop them from attacking and plundering. Only the construction of the Great Wall as the military defense could stop their invading southward.

Overall, the museum is well worth a visit!