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Explore Hongluo Temple in Beijing

Hailed as one of the most prestigious Buddhist temples in Beijing, Hongluo Temple is well worth a visit while traveling in Beijing. The temple makes for a perfect getaway for visitors to Beijing. It is a great way to take in the Buddhist culture and natural beauty outside Beijing.

Long-standing History of Hongluo Temple
Beijing Hongluo Temple

Fotu Cheng is believed to be the monk who built the temple. According to the biography of eminent monks records, he was a proficient monk who had deep understanding of Zen and insight into the Buddhism. Legend has it that he had great magic power. In the Jin Dynasty, he tied to find the right place as China Northern Buddhism birthplace, but he never found one. Later when he traveled to north section to Yuyang city (now Huairou), he suddenly found the upper wings dancing on Hongluo mountain seen as auspicious statue. So in the same year he supervised the construction of this temple, named Daming Temple, which is now the Hongluo Temple. In Yuan Dynasty, for the protection of Hongluo Temple, Gen Gi Khan ordered to put a sign board placed near the Temple Mountain Gate on the wall. It says Hongluo Temple is the royal temple, reserved for the royal family and a longevity blessing place, all kinds of people should not trespass the temple boundaries and no trees are to be cut. Because Hongluo Temple is the birthplace of Northern Buddhism, so the temple was used for wandering monks to learn knowledge of Buddhism.

Features of Scenic Area
Beijing Hongluo Temple

Hongluo Temple was built on the mountain, featuring rigorous layout. It is backed by the Hongluo Mountain, next to Hongluo Lake, surrounded by water and mountains, lush trees, towering old trees. The temple covers a vast area, housing 244 rooms. The compound consists of King Hall, Main Hall, Three Saints Hall, Buddism Godness Guanyin Hall, Jixing Zushi Hall, Yinguang Zushi Hall and chanting chambers. Eastern room is for reception. Hongluo Temple is also home to acres of lush ancient pines, forming a blue Tibetan temple beautiful picture. Hidden by the trees, there are more than 600 species of plants, as well as a wide variety of birds and wild animals. According to the forestry sector estimates, in Hongluo Temple area there are more than one million trees, the forest coverage rate of more than 90%. The East Pine forest garden grows 1000 acres of lush pine trees, more than a hundred years old trees are over 10000.

Overall, Hongluo Temple is not to be missed!