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Fairy Places for Appreciating Autumn Leaves

When the dazzling autumn falls, in addition to the full harvest, the golden leaves also attracted loads of attentions in the tourists with their beautiful appearance and tranquil atmosphere.
Hongluo Temple: As the origin of Buddhism in Beijing, it is actually a massive site which covers natural landscape and man-made architecture. Among the temple itself and other Buddhist areas, it has two scenic spots. The two scenic spots are Hongluo Hill at the back of the Temple and Qinglong Hill to the east. Hongluo Hill has two peaks about 800 meters high. In autumn, red leaves are all over the hill.
Huanghuacheng Great Wall: As one of the wild great wall sections, Huanghuacheng Great Wall is famous for the autumn leaves. When the autumn falls, the golden leaves will scatter all over forming a kind of impressive phenomenon.
Badaling Forests Park: Located near Badaling Great Wall, covering a large scale area, this forests park is famous for autumn red leaves. Various colorful leaves will fly in the sky waiting for the harvest!