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Famous Snack Streets in Beijing - (1)

Traveling in Beijing, please do not miss the famous and characteristic snacks. Now, I introduce you some places gathered the famous Beijing foods.
Beijing Qianmen Street

No.1 Qianmen
Assembled with various old and famous restaurants, QInamen Street has become the one of the hot place in Beijing for tourists. As well as the Zhengyangmen, these famous and old restaurants experienced disturbances. Their signboards confirmed their long history. Although it not fired as other food street, Qianmen Street represents the catering culture of Beijing, also it is the must-visited place for tourists. Walking in this street, you could find the Quan Ju De Roast Duck, Dou YI Chu, Kaifeng Soup Dumplings, etc. They all have authentic tastes and long history. Bus 20, 203, 59, 66, 5, 120 arrive at Qianmen Street.

No.2 Guanganmen
Guanganmen Food Street starts from Liuliqiao Bridge to Hufangqiao Bridge. This area, famous along with the rebuilt of southern of Beijing, is a cate business street. Visited these restaurants in this street, you could find they are all famous for the spicy flavor, such as the Mala Youhuo, Li Father, etc. Close to Niujie Street, some Muslim restaurants also attract large number of guests. In addition, still there are some old and famous restaurants can be found easily in this street. Bus 620, 617, 19, 381, 390 arrived.

Pingan Avenue

No.3 Pingan Avenue
Pingan Avenue, a food street, witnesses the history. The business of transformed Pingan Avenue is not very flourishing as imaged. But the restaurants, along the Dongsi Shitiao Bridge, are lively usually. Owing to close the Lotus Market, many people like to have dinner in Pingan Avenue at night. After dinner, choose a bar in Houhai area by the way is an enjoyment. Built on the old address of imperial house, some restaurants in Pingan Avenue has some taste of history. With strong history color and cultural deposits, Pingan Avenue is fitful tourists who like the local Beijing foods and imperial dishes. Bus 13, 810, 68, 111, 701 arrived.

No.4 Fangzhaung
Fangzhuang Food Street becomes hot in recent years, because of the surroundings. With complete equipments and wide street, Fangzhuang Food Street gathered various dishes including Chinese restaurants and western restaurants. Bus 973, 434, 51, 627, 655 arrived.

No.5 Gui Street
Located at Dongzhimen area, Gui Street is the earliest hot food street in Beijing, also it is the best place for guests at deep night. The old Gui Street was famous all over the Beijing. Everybody wants to try it. But with the development of old city, many famous restaurants moved to other places. Although it is not flourishing as that time, the existed restaurants have strong popularity. Bus 106, 674, 24, 406, 635 arrived.

Still many hot places for catering, coming soon!