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Famous Wife Tower Legend

It is said that Great Wall buildings are the miracle endowed by the heaven. During the magnificent project, there are many legends and stories happened. For recording this masterpiece of ancient people did, I would share you an interesting legend about the Wife Tower.

Great Wall Tower

About Xue Lan and Wu Sanhu
The famous Wife Tower rises near Shanhaiguan Pass. In order to get the origin of this name, we should trace back to the Ming Dynasty. At that time, there is a family housing three members, Old Man Wang, his daughter called Xue Lan and a young man called Wu Sanhu. Wu Sanhu was an orphan adopted by Wang. This family supported their live through performing in the street. They have excellent martial arts. Wang always taught the professional skills to his daughter and Wu Sanhu. Every day, they walk around the county earning money. As time goes by, Xue Lan and Wu Sanhu fell in love with each other. It is just on the day they sharing their ideas with each other, the famous strategist had given orders to recruit new members. Got the news, Wu Sanshui decided to join the army. But, the Wang was reluctant to leave him. At night, he ordered that if Xue Lan married Wu Sanhu, Wu would not leave. Wang did a delicious meal and ordered they got married.

About the Wife Tower
After getting married, Wu Sanshui still insisted on join the army. Arrived at the army, Wu Sanhu showed his excellent martial art talents and did great record. Later, he was ordered to guard the beacon tower of Dongjiakou. He did his best to protect the boundary day and night. Xue Lan and Wang missed Wu Sanhu very much. One day, Wang became seriously ill and he ordered Xue Lan to find the Wu Sanhu. After this, Wang passed away. Xue Lan got very sad and decided to find her husband. After long distance journey and painstaking, she arrived at the Dongjiakou and saw Wu Sanhu. At night, the enemies secretly entered. Wu Sanhu found them. In order to warn the army, he fired the beacon. Unfortunately, the rainy day struggled set off the fire on the beacon. Wu Sanhu was killed by the arrows of the enemies. When Xue Lan saw the scene, she fired her underclothes and warned the army. At last, Xue Lan did her best to conquer all the enemies with martial arts.

At last, Xue Lan deserved a prize but she refused. She ordered to finish the work that Wu Sanhu ever undertook. Gradually, she guarded the beacon tower day and night. Local people named it as the Wife Tower!