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Fantastic Drifting in Beijing Outskirts

To be a smart Beijing summer traveler, not only just research for the cool scenic spots for relaxed, but also join in some stimulate summer activities. Water drifting will be the most popular activity in summer since it could not only offer a coolness environment but also inspire the youth heart!


Guihe River Drifting
Among most of the tourists for Beijing summer tour, they always choose Guihe River as the ideal place to enjoy summer period. Located in the Yanqing County, this area was endowed to the first feature - tranquility. Getting rid of the bustle city life, just explore the colorful drifting activity, it will be the heaven enjoyment. Here, you will enjoy the 15 kilometers long drifting course housing the depth of 15 meters. This river is very famous for the east Rhine retaining the most original natural appearance so that it one of the most favored attractions for ecological tours. During the drifting journey, you will pass through over 100 turnings, small and big. Each corner will give you the biggest surprises. The most impressive thing is that the scenic spots long the drifting journey including the Lovers Islands, charming Reed Flower Beach and blossoming Magpie Forest.

Tanghe River Drifting
Located in Huairou District, Tanghe River is the most popular place for summer leisure. Compared with the Guihe River, Tanghe River retained much original and wild natural appearance with sincere location. It is a unique scenic spot always attracting numerous kinds of birds and various kinds of plants. The river flow is 138 meters per second meaning that one boat could drift freely without any other motivation. So, summer tour here, you could fully enjoy the stimulating drifting without any cares. The widest section of the river is 200 meters while the narrowest part is 50 meters. The most exciting moment will be at the four or five major turnings where the rapid currents may give you the thrilling excitement.

Tips for Drifting
First of all, during the drifting, it is better not to dress the light-color clothes in case of getting wet. Some awkward things will happen to you, especially for the female. Second, please pay much attention on the route signs in case of the dangerous condition. Last but not the least, you should take your life jacket on with you the whole drifting journey.

Summer drifting is a best idea, have you prepared for your summer tour!