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Fantastic Short Day Trip in Beijing

I have been a backpacker for years ever since I retired. And I have finally gotten a chance to travel the world. My first-time travel to China launched in Beijing – the capital city of China. I just loved the city and had so much fun during my stay there! The highlight of my trip to Beijing goes on and on, but here I just want to talk about my hiking to the Great Wall at Mutianyu section as well as a relaxing walking in Temple of Heaven.

Temple of Heaven

My tour guide picked me up at the hotel and we hit the road tight away for Mutianyu. It was a fun ride over there – we talked a lot about the Great Wall, which totally aroused my curiosity to my trip to the Great Wall. It did not take long for us to get there. After taking care of the entrance, I grabbed a cable car up the rugged hill till landed on the smooth path of the Great Wall. It was really amazing standing on the solid engineering feat myself and looking out over the wide open countryside. Hiking up the paths was part of the fun, but it was also very challenging to me. After an hour of trekking, I got really bushed and had to stop for some rest. Mutianyu section is well restored and all, making it perfect for an essential Great Wall hiking experience! I just loved every minute of it while I was there! Totally blew my mind!

When it was time for us to get down the wall for our lunch break, we took a toboggan rode down. It was fun too! After having my lunch, I headed back into town with my tour guide and completed the day trip with a visit to the Temple of Heaven – once an imperial landmark now served as a public park. The park was kind of crowded as it was very popular with Chinese visitors. Anyway, I did manage to enjoy some sightseeing in the park though. The architecture of the park was as amazing as it could be! Just loved them all! Got to say a relaxing walk around the park was really what I needed after hiking up the Great Wall for hours. I did have a good rest there!

Overall it was a great trip and once-in-a-lifetime experience for me!