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Favorite Beijing Hutongs among Tourists

Hutong can be said as a place where visitors could personally see the old buildings and traditional lifestyle of Beijing local people. Visit some famous Hutong areas absolutely will bring you back to the old times of Beijing.
Yandaixiejie: Dated back to Ming Dynasty when many tobacco stores opened at that time. Today, you still can many stores selling tobacco pouches, antiques and souvenirs as well cafes and bars with different styles on the street.
Nanluoguxiang: One of best preserved Hutong areas in downtown Beijing, filled with plenty of bars, restaurants, cafes, souvenirs shop and designed in classical Chinese Hutong style.
Imperial College Street: Along the street, visitors will find some historical places such as Imperial College, Lama Temple and Confucius Temple. Besides enjoy Hutongs environment, visitors also could visit those remarkable sites.