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In-depth Tour in Forbidden City

Forbidden City, the most famous and the representative attraction of Beijing deserves the high reputation, and it is really worth visiting for several times.

At 9:00 am we got to Tiananmen Square, early in the morning, here is already full of tourists in different colors. Through Tiananmen Tower, we got to the entrance of the Forbidden City. Although this is not the first time visiting Forbidden City, I was still attracted by its grand atmosphere. And thanks for the electronic guide device, I learnt much more about the history and the story about the Palace Museum.

Copper Lions

Through the entrance - Meridian Gate, we arrived at Taihe Gate. In front of the gate stand two copper lions. These two are the largest lions in Forbidden City. Through this gate, we arrived at the main subjects of Forbidden City - Hall of Supreme Harmony. It is the largest wooden structure palace in the Palace Museum which symbolizes the supreme sovereignty. In the sunny day, with resplendent and magnificent view, it is really spectacular. 18 bronze tripods surround the palace, 11 god animals on each corners of the roof top, all these implies the highest status of this palace. Here is the place for hold court by the emperors in ancient times and now you can still feel its power outside the palace. In front of the palace there are full of tourists. If you want to have a close look at the inner decorations and take some photos for remind, then you have to take some physical energy.

Behind the Hall of Supreme Harmony stand Hall of Central Harmony and Hall of Preserving Harmony, other two subject buildings in Forbidden City. Have you found anything interesting? Why in the big square, around the three palaces, there is not any tree here. This is because the emperors wanted to show the royal majesty and its power.

Palace of Heavenly Purity

Behind the three main palaces, on the axle wire is Palace of Heavenly Purity – the boundary of the outer court and inner court. Palace of Heavenly Purity is the living place for the emperors and during the daytime, the emperors of Qing Dynasty deal with the day-to-day conduct of public affairs. Above the throne hall is the most eye-catching plaque hanging "fair and square" written by the Qing Dynasty Emperor Shunzhi and behind the plaque is the possession of the densely built Crown Prince. At the time, the infighting of the throne between the Princes is quite intense. In order to alleviate this contradiction, since the Yongzheng reign he started to take a secret way to establish the Crown Prince - during his lifetime the emperor did not publicly establish crown prince instead secretly write the selected heir, one on the emperor's side; the other seal in the box and put it behind the plaque "fair and square". However, with the lack of the late Qing Dynasty royal heirs the secret built storage system was in name only.

With the limit travel time, we have to say goodbye to the magnificent Forbidden City. Thanks to the sunny weather, I took a lot beautiful photos here. And looking at the photos I have taken, I feel very proud. I am interested in Chinese history and I love here very much. Forbidden City is just like a history book telling me the detail information about the ancient China. I really enjoy myself here. Nice trip again in Beijing!