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Forbidden City - Feudal Society of Ancient China

Beijing, experienced the vicissitudes, has long history and rich culture. Historic sites distributed all of Beijing. Walking casually, you have many chances pass these famous sites. The foot of Beijing history has continued thousand years including old, traditional, modern, etc. You can follow any point to explore the ancient but modern Beijing. But I want to say, from history if you want to find the most alright part.

Bronze Lion in Forbidden Ciyt

Former is old, where is the new? If you pay attention to the news, Forbidden City has been maintained from 2001. Nowadays, Forbidden City is not only the ancient construction group, but also a modern museum. From the most famous Cartier Exhibition to the Ming Yongle Xuande Cultural Relic Exhibition, Forbidden City is always changed. Even though you always visit Forbidden City, because of these exhibitions, you will find new foothold for sight.

Yellow Roof, Red Wall

If you visit Forbidden City in May day, you may catch the chance entering Forbidden City from East Huamen. Usually, it is not opened to public, only the pass way for workers. Different the magnificent Meridian Gate, East Huamen has another feeling with soft wind and trees. Through the thick gateway, you will have a wide sight. A river flow before your sight, the bridge on river records the vicissitudes. Passing the bridge and walking forward, you arrive at Wenhua Palace, opened to public after 2008. Because of remote location, Wenhua Palace has less people, is the rare quiet place in Forbidden City. Wenhua Palace, the Ceramics Hall, display the ceramics in different times. From ancient times to Ming and Qing Dynasties, many ceramics boutiques can be found at this palace.

If you think the Forbidden City is just the caky constructions, you are wrong. The soul of Forbidden City thrust deep into the pieces of historical performances. No matter you are seeking novelty or exploring the mysteries, we just look at them and plaint when the particles of history have dissipated. The usual exhibition halls in Forbidden City includes the exhibition of wedding celebration for emperors in Qing Dynasty, the exhibition of concubines life in Qing Dynasty, the exhibition of Henery Pu Yi, exhibition of weapons in Qing Dynasty, the exhibition of treasures, etc. All these exhibitions attract you stay in Forbidden City for full day, and enjoy the imperial culture of Qing Dynasty.

Whenever you visit the Forbidden City, you always find new interesting points easily. Quiet to enjoy the fine and smooth of Forbidden City, you will find more attractive places.