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My Forbidden City Tour - (1)

After long terms' plan, I have really visited the Forbidden City today. First in my sight was the Tiananmen Tower, hanging a picture of Chair Mao, who had been the leader of China. He looked so kind. Just out of the Forbidden City, it crowded with a large number of tourists in different colors. So, I thought this big courtyard is more attractive than that in my thought.

Entering this tower, my tour guide told me the round situations of the Forbidden City, and I understand the real meaning of the "Forbidden City". Walked into the Meridian Gate with the people river and walked over the Jinshui Bridge, I saw a pair of copper lions stands in the front of Taihe Men. They are so grand that I feel their pressure. According to the tour guide, lion was the symbol of noble in ancient China. They were arranged here means the determination of protecting the imperial power. Also, the Taihe Men has a story that the emperor built the first three palaces, but after three months, they were burned. So the emperor thought his idea touched the power of Chinese gods, so he just heard the ideas of courtiers without any shelter. It is the origin of Yumen Tingzhen – the door to state affairs.

Hall of Supreme Harmony

After this door, I saw the true palace – Hall of Supreme Harmony (Taihe Dian in Chinese). This palace is the largest palace in Forbidden City in the highest level. 18 different bronze tripods are also the symbol of protecting imperial power, and obviously the Chinese emperors pay great attention to their power. Besides these things can be seen, the small decoration also attracted me lots. 11 small animals on the corners of top are big influence on that time. More animals, higher level, thus it can be seen the Hall of Supreme Harmony is the most important palace in these palaces. Inner of the palace, almost everywhere is carved golden dragon, show the status of the emperor. Along with my route, I would get more information about this big courtyard, every palace, every spots. Entering the imperial harem, the most interesting was the Chuxiu Gong – used as the living palace for concubines. The Queen Dowager Cixi had lived here and burned the Tongzhi Emperor.

However, due to the time, I had to end this tour. Even though I had not completed the Forbidden City tour, it left me deep impression in my Beijing tour.