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My Forbidden City Tour - (2)

I had to say it was a luxury tour, because of the fact of Forbidden City. In China, people call it as Palace Museum, but I do not know why firstly. After this tour, I know the reason. Besides these palace in different sizes and effects, it show various articles for daily use made from the valuable materials such as jade, emerald, coral, gold, etc. Don't you think this was a luxury tour?

Imperial Garden in Forbidden City

According to the tour guide, the Emperor Qianlong loved the jade deeply. In his life, he wrote 800 poems to described and praise the jade. Of course, he ordered workers made different furniture, appliances and decorations from jade. Loved jade had become his special hobby in that time. Due to his hobby, the number of jade articles reached the most and the time of jade arrival at a period of prosperity in Qing dynasty. In the Exhibition of Treasures, I had enjoyed the gifts to Queen Dowager Cixi, before this tour just heard some information about Cixi. After visited these gifts, I really know the high status of Cixi in Qing Dynasty.

The life of emperors in Chinese was so luxury beyond my imagination. What they used, ate, enjoyed were the best and most valuable things in China. And they were also good at enjoying life. Imperial Garden, the garden for emperors and their wives, is the most beautiful garden with various rockeries, old trees and pavilions. Duixiu Mountain is located at the north of Imperial Garden, built in Wangli Emperor of Ming Dynasty, it was only one rockery with fountain in Forbidden City.

Besides these, the most famous palace is the Hall of Supreme Harmony. It is the supremacy palace in Forbidden City, and it also known as the Jinluan Baodian in Chinese folk. Hall of Supreme Harmony is the largest palace in Forbidden City, used for carried some grand ceremonies. At here, emperor received the respects from courtiers. The scale and regulation is the highest in Chinese ancient constructions.

After Forbidden City tour, you would know more about Forbidden City, the imperial life, history and culture of Chinese. The history it shows is rich, if you are not familiar with the Chinese history and culture, I recommend it to you, and you will find more interesting things in it. The most important is it would shock you deeply. In addition, the tour guide is essential for your Forbidden City tour to find your way in such huge complex construction and understand what you are looking.