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My Forbidden City Tour - (3)

With this sunshine day, we had Forbidden City tour. Though have seen it in TV or some media ways, it shocked me strongly in fact. Such large squares, big courtyards and various stories, I had almost addicted into it completely. What made me so fascinated were the Exhibition Hall of Jades and Exhibition Hall of Treasures.

Schatzkammer in Forbidden City

The Exhibition Hall of Jades, located at the Zhongcui Palace in Sic Eastern Palaces, shows various jade works. Most of made in Qianlong times. Why I said that? Because Qianlong Emperor set the culture of Jade as one of the Chinese culture, much valued the collection and study of jade, just as he loved jade so much. Even he took part in the design of jade, and made strict rule for using the jade. Under his ruler, the number of jade reached the top in history of China. In his life, he wrote 800 poems to described and praise the jade. In this hall, I find that the life of emperor was so luxurious. The table ware, wine sets and tea sets are all made from first-class jade. How luxury! When they eta, what they feel about their sets? If I were there, I must have no idea about meals, just these valuable jade works. And these showed jade pendants, they are so large and thick. Why these ancient people always liked to bring them? Just because it was the symbol of identify for noble people. Besides these jade articles in daily life, I found a rare thing in other countries – Jade Ruyi. It expresses meaning of harmony and lucky. According to the tour guide, it was a tool to relieve itching in some places you cannot touch by your hands.

Exhibition in Forbidden City

After this hall of jade, the more interesting place was the Exhibition Hall of Treasures. What it displayed were the most valuable thing in that time, even some you cannot find now. Exhibition Hall of Treasures is located at Ningshou Palace in northeast of Forbidden City. Entering into this hall, you would be surprised by these shining values, most of them made from gold, silver, jade, pearl, etc. In one word, they were all made from expensive materials. What attract me were these Buddhist sculpture made from gold. They show the various shapes and sizes of Buddhists. In fact, most of them I cannot realize. But moving posture and elaborate techniques were the most fantastic places. There is a sapphire narcissus bonsai leave me deep impression. The leaves and flowers all were made from sapphire, but you cannot guess what its original material if you do not read its note. Just seemed like real narcissus flower. I cannot guess the level of carving in that time, it was so amazing.

Ru Yi in Chinese

In fact, I also wanted to visit the exhibition of wedding, but it was not opened. Though a little pity, I had received much more than any other spots. Next time, I must visit completely this huge courtyard!