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Historical Mark – Former Residence of Celebrities in Nanluoguxiang

These old and quiet lanes in Nanluoguxiang are the gathering place for pocketful of fashion shops. Hardly imagine, here gathers many former residences of celebrities in old Beijing.

Nanluoguxiang, 786 meters in length, focuses on main street Nanluoguxiang and each symmetrical 8 hutongs in west and east, and here was the city architecture structure in checkboard type in beginning of capital of Yuan Dynasty. From Ming and Qing Dynasties, here was always the living area for wealthy including many high officials and noble lords and social celebrities. With 700 years history, every hutong in Nanluoguxiang was left the trace of history.

Former Residence of Mao Dun
Former Residence of Mao Dun

Refer to literary masters, you might think of Mao Dun who lived at No. 13, Yuanensi Hutong, Nanluoguxiang. Where he lived is the old address of Yuanen Temple in Yuan Dynasty. After so many years, there is no trace of temple, just an ordinary quadrangle courtyard now. Entering Former Residence of Mao Dun, you will be attracted by the cultural atmosphere. The west wing-room is the book room and reception room and east wing-room is the dining room. Now the reception rooms in front-yard are regarded as the display halls, showing some manuscripts, letters, literature publication, etc. Everything here reflects the simplicity and brief life of Mao Dun.

Former Residence of Qi Baishi
Former Residence of Qi Baishi

Pay attention to famous writers in painting and calligraphy in modern China, many people think of Qi Baishi firstly who lived in No. 13, Yuer Hutong, Nanluoguxiang. The No. 11, 13 and 15 in Yuer Hutong was the residence of the fourth son of Hong Taiji, and the Former Residence of Qi Baishi is the part of original residence. No. 13 courtyard has been become the Qi Baishi Memorial Hall and now the one of cultural protection units in Dongcheng District in Beijing. Standing in this former residence and enjoying the paintings and calligraphies by Qi Baishi, you must plaint the elegance and open and clear of this man.

Besides these opened Former Residences of Celebrities, Nanluoguxiang has many courtyards left the traces of famous people. Walking in it, you must enjoy its flourishing time vaguely from some sites. If you have visited just featured shops in Nanluoguxiang, you can travel it again to recall your memory for old China.