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Red Leaves Festival in Fragrant Hills Park (1)

Have you ever heard of the Red Leaves Festival in Beijing? It is very popular among local citizens and holds in Fragrant Hills Park every late autumn. This year, the festival begins from Oct.12th and ends at Nov.11th. Today, we came here to enjoy the beautiful view.

In the early morning, through very heavy traffic, here has already gathered large numbers of tourists. In front of the ticket center there stand the long queue and it took us nearly 40 minutes to get the entrance tickets. Today is Wednesday, I could not imagine the situation here on weekends.

Fragrant Hills Park - Red Leaves Festival

Before getting into the park, we came to the sign board showing the map of the whole park to design our route. It also shows the good points to view the red leaves in the park. Then we entered and first in sight the Qinzheng Palace. It is the working place for Qianlong Emperor during his stay in Fragrant Hills. In front of the palace there planted two frondent maple trees. While gentle wind blowing, the yellow and red leaves flying and drop into the small pool. Many professional photography lovers came here to grasp the classic moment. Would you like to be a member of them?

Walking pass the Tranqulity Green Lake (Jingcui Lake), we went on through a small path. It is not crowded but really a good point to see the red leaves on the mountain. Red, yellow, green, brown, colorful and beautiful! With bright sunshine, blue sky and white clouds, sitting on the grass here to have a short rest and enjoy the view will be really nice! Our final destination is the top point – Xianglu Peak, so come on!

Bird Eye View of Beijing City

Considering our physical strength, we chose the route with fewer steps, however the steep slopes are also hard for walking. Walking left then turning right, not very long time my legs were trembling. Every ten minutes, I have to stop and take short rest. Thank god, after 2 hours hard working, we finally got to the Xianglu Peak. The temperature is only about 5 degrees Celsius but I was still drenched in sweat. While got to the top, I had no desire for the view but rest. Deep breath of fresh air for a while, I put my focus on the view around. In the middle there stands the stone tablet of Xianglu Peak. So many tourists there waiting to take pictures that I could not find the chance to take picture for the stone alone. Looking around, in the middle is the panoramic view of Beijing city. With the bright weather, I could see the CCTV Tower clearly, grand and impressive! The mountains around covering with red, green and yellow leaves, they are so colorful and stratified!

The scenery on Xianglu Peak deserves long time climbing. Also it is healthy climbing the hills in free time.