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Spring Holiday in Beijing, Fresh Feeling

After finishing my work in China, I booked this tour. To be honest, I have always wanted to go out for fresh mind and relax but the limited time. It is a terrific season in the spring with all the charming treasures blossoming and sprouting. Booking process is very easy and the company offered us the most considerate service. Each question we got the appropriate explanation.

Suburb of Beijing

On the departure day, weather showed same sunny but with soft breeze. My wife likes this kind of weather very much. Tour guide is a young girl who has worked as a tour guide for six years. After the detail explanation, we started our tour journey. On the way to Badaling Great Wall, the traffic is very bad full of cars and buses. Suburb road is also very bumpy. I felt very lucky for the experienced driver who was a local Beijing people showed skillful driving experience. We straightly reached at the Badaling Great Wall. After getting off, what appeared in my vision are the elegant mountains and the illuminated great wall buildings. Tourists at this time are less than the tour guide told. Standing at the foot, I could smell the flavor of the earth, fresh and deep. All the trees and grasses reached out showing off their most fresh appearance to the tourists. My wife seized me, we stepped this dragon style great wall section. Wow, you could not imagine how harming the scenery is on. Air is also very clear without any pollution. Certainly, we felt very light and happy. On the hiking journey, delicate watch towers and the ancient bricks become the conduct of climbing journey. Each watch tower we met, I will give the perfect picture.

When we hiked on the half journey, tourists became more and more. Sun slowly hang higher bathing all the creatures. This time, my mind is stuck in the Chinese history: long distance building decorating with ancient tastes standing here for so many years. I admired Chinese ancient workers. I really want to have detail knowledge about its building and history at this time. Some steep stages are very steep full of ruined bricks and wild soil. We pay much attention going on. About 1 hour, we succeed reaching at the high place. Bird view is so spectacular, I could control my feeling, unexpected exciting and happy. In the afternoon, Longqing Gorge left us fresh feeling with natural water area and the giant mountain scenery.

I cherish the tour very much not only the perfect arrangements but also I getting closer to the heritage and real nature!