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Full Harvest Tour, Most Impressive Scenery

I have stayed in China for two weeks but have no much time explore Beijing. Last Thursday, my father booked Beijing Badaling Great Wall and Summer Palace tour for me. I liked this tour very much, because these two sections are my favorites. Really cheap price and we housed the exciting feeling waiting the coming of our tour.

Badaling Great Wall

I clearly remembered the tour guide is the same old with me. However, she is so smart that all the histories she got clearly and complete. Sitting on the bus, we were chatting and talking. Driver is local Beijing people familiar with the road and route. We arrived at the Badaling Great Wall within 1 hour. Perhaps because of Thursday, most people are busy with their work. We felt every light and free. It seemed that this elegant section was prepared for us. In Beijing spring, weather showed a little hotter and all the plants growing beside are sprout and blossoming. After appreciating the souvenirs sold along, we stepped on the stages. My father took pictures with every corner, trees far distance, grey bricks and the wall buildings on the foot. Walking along, I did not know how to express my exciting feeling. I wanted to give my hug with this section but failed. It is truly like a giant dragon stretching to the far distance, vigorous and breathing, accompanied by the plants and elegant mountains surrounded. After half an hour, I started to feel tired. Sitting on the ground for a short relax. The watchtower is not far from me where there are many wild grasses growing on. Some young people jumped up and down from the window. It is too dangerous, I want to say.

Badaling Great Wall

After climbing at the half journey, I still could hear the shouting from the venders. Perhaps, only they could add some live atmosphere to this lonely wall building. Higher we climbed, more elegant this building showed. Touching the bricks built on, it seemed that I have gone back to Chinese ancient times, mysterious and quiet. All the things reflected clear and marked for me. For this important scenic spot, there are toilets and garbage boxes. Littering everywhere should be forbidden. On the whole journey, I saw much and experienced much, learnt much. After stepping on the top, to my surprised the overview scenery will be so charming. All the boring things soon disappeared!

Badaling Great Wall deserved the high fame praised by the public. It is truly a world wonder!