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Fully Exciting in Beijing Happy Valley with Family

Fully relaxed companying with children and family will be the best enjoyment during summer holidays. Searching the fantastic activity with children, enjoying tranquil atmosphere with parents, appreciating charming scenery with lovers, Beijing Happy Valley will satisfy your desire of seeking utmost happiness.

Breathtaking Thematic Landscapes in Beijing Happy Valley
Beijing Happy Valley

Being tired after the busy business and a long journey, Happy Valley could offer you fully entertainment. Being composed of six theme parks, this park has been regarded as a fair land where you could always find your own happiness. Wandering in this miracle world, you would be impressed by over 50 scenic sights of culture and ecology scattering in all directions. They offered a rare opportunity taking you to experience the beauty of various civilizations regardless of the distance of space and time. Sitting on the bench located inside, you would find the garbage boxes are still covered by lovely paintings, lifelike and dreamlike. The whole extent of the valley could be compared to be a beautiful artistic picture where you could see trees, pearl rivers, pavilions and rocks, etc.

Interesting Theme Parks for Entertaining
Beijing Happy Valley

For the tourists coming here, everyone will thumb up for the well-arranged exciting theme parks! First entering the Happy Valley gate, you would be impressed by the Firth Forest. The biggest feature is that it combined the fashion and the nature together. Have a soft breath here, you could taste the fresh forest air and listen to the babble of the ripping stream. Yes, it is right the summer feeling! Any arrangements will be your liking, modern buildings architecture, fashionable glass buildings and simple lines and colors, etc. Imagined you are the while snow princess, charming and gorgeous! This time, a sense of illusion will pour into your mind. In order to inspire your vine of exploring Summer Holiday highly, taking a train enjoying a birds view will be an ideal choice.

Children Paradise Land
Summer Holiday is a present showing to the children. However, the Ant-kingdom will be the most interesting place for the children. Here, you would meet the little ant telling their friends where and how they live. Under the professional instruction, children will be familiar with the mystery of this world and nature, ecology and biology, etc. Arranged with animal holes and mysterious places, children here will be changed into ants developing their imagination to experience the ants' life.

Beijing Happy Valley endowed all the pleasure essence to the tourists coming here!