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Fun Stuff to do in Beijing during Summertime

Whenever you come to Beijing for sightseeing, you can easily find a lot of fun stuff to see, do and experience! With frigging hot summer around the corner, do you want to find some fun stuff to do in Beijing? Here is some of the most popular fun stuff to do in Beijing:

Water-drifting in Baihewan:
Water-drifting in Baihewan

One of the most exciting adventures and fun stuff to do in summertime in Beijing, the water-drifting in Baihewan is one of a kind! With a visit to the Baihewan scenic area, you can easily spend a fantastic time and have a lot of fun exploring the best it has to offer you! There is no better way to have fun with water than in Baihewan during summertime in Beijing. There are also many other fun stuff to explore here other than the water-drifting!

Retreat to Shidu Scenic Area:
Beijing Shidu Area

Shidu is beautiful and quiet, perfect for a lovely summer vacation, near Castle Peak beach side by side, perfect for the spring and autumn outing, especially as the summer resort. Shidu scenic area is a canyon with tributaries of Juma River cutting Taihang Mountains in the north, with an area of approximately 20 kilometres. Now the road has been built in the valley, making the trip very convenient there. Shidu is a karst landform with high peaks and deep valleys as the characteristics of the natural scenic area. Here the valley snakes along, just like a carving knife, Juma River around the mountain ridges from northwest to Southeast flowing consistent throughout, on both sides of the peaks such as the tower like sword. East West to thousands of estuary, Sandy (17 Du mountain home), north to the Shiren peak, south of Beacon Hill, an area of 213 square kilometers, the tour length over a hundred miles.

Hiking the Waterside Great Wall:
Water Great Wall in Beijing

The waterside the Great Wall is located near the dam closure, causing the water level to rise with part of the Great Wall submerged in the water, splashing water did not form the Great Wall, ancient city wall sight as a scenic spot. As the three section of the Huanghuacheng the Great Wall into the water the landscape is unique in China. Sightseeing in here is amazing: the majestic Great Wall, the blue water rippling, magnificent scenery.

You will have a lot of fun while visiting Beijing in summertime!