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Getting Away from It All in Beijing to Huanghuacheng

With the frigging summer heat, city noises as well as suffocating crowds, travel in the sprawling metropolis is no fun at all. However, you can easily find some off-the-beaten-path destinations or resorts in Beijing to get away from it all. Huanghuacheng would be a dream destination for those backpackers longing to hike the Great Wall, take in fascinating countryside landscapes in Beijing.

Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Highlights of Huanghuacheng
Beijing Huanghuacheng Waterside Great Wall tourist area is located in Huairou District of Beijing City, within the territory of Jiudu River, 65 kilometers away from Beijing. Huanghuachneg Great Wall is well known for the odd and rare sight of the waterside Great Wall. In this scenic area, the mountains and rivers, lakes and pools, as well as the Great Wall are perfect blended with each other. There are plenty highlights in this area worth exploring, more attractive is the Three Unique Sights. One refers to the Great Wall built in the Ming Dynasty - the Great Wall snakes upon the ridgeline and skirts around the Haoming Lake, offering beautiful and spectacular views. The second sight involves that the lake cuts the Great Wall, with some parts of the wall submerged in water, forming the famous waterside Great Wall, hailed as signature landscape of the Huanghuacheng Great Wall. The last but not the least, there is a chestnut garden of Ming Dynasty, filled with old trees all in different sizes and shapes and growing to this day.

Rural Taste of Farmland Life in Huanghuachneg
Huanghuacheng farmyard Hongxiang Inn is located in Huairou district, at the foot of the Great Wall at Huanghuacheng. Huanghuacheng Hongxiang Inn offers beautiful scenery, surrounded on three sides by the Great Wall and the water. All you have to do in there is just take in fresh air, leaning by the window overlooking the Huanghuacheng wild Great Wall and a panoramic view of the surroundings. The Great Wall looks like a sparkling diamond inlaid in the countryside. Stay the night in this picturesque and quiet farmyard, it will bring you a new experience of a quiet holiday. Looking afar on the mountain, there are many cabins and wood structure villas on the hill, making you feel like traveling into a fairyland. In front of the lovely cabin a brook is murmuring, people staying here will be accompanied by this beautiful underwater, but it does not make you feel noisy, just like music. Hongxiang Inn is equipped with modern facilities and it is comparable with the mountain, the scenery here is definitely a bonus for you.

All in all, a kick-back in Huanghuacheng surely will knock your socks off!