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Golden Tips for Great Wall Hiking

As the wonders of China, Great Wall sections receive loads of tourists every day. Searching Chinese profound history, feeling Chinese ancient culture and getting close to Chinese ancient heritages, hiking Great Wall will be the best idea. However, for the fresh Great Wall hikers, how to hold an excellent holiday?

Doing Enough Preparations for Hiking
Great Wall of China

Compared to other historical relics, Great Wall buildings showed different. Firs will be the typical location. All the sections are located in the suburb area and situating in the elegant mountains. Adding the long hiking journey, tourists should take enough preparation. The food and water will rank the first. For such a long journey, we need to spend much laborious strength. So, we should eat the drink to supplement the strength we lose. Taking the water in advance is good idea, because the local vendors sold are very expensive. The quality is also deserved considering. After taking these, you should dress the loosen clothes or the sport suit, because there are many high stages need you to pass and climb. The tight suit would stop your journey or seriously hurt you. For the older people, taking cable will be an ideal choice. If you are very interested in hiking, taking the hand-stick will be perfect choice. If you encounter some ruined or steep sections, the hand-stick will help you get a soft journey.

Different Section, Different Features, Different Interests
Cable Car on Great Wall

Housing so many sections, different tourists groups liked different great wall sections. As we all know, Badaling Great Wall is the busiest section in all the sections. For the fresh visitors who coming to China, they will first explore Badaling Great Wall. However, during the holidays, it is better not choose it. If you are very interested in the charming sceneries and the best-preserved appearance, as well as less crowded tourists, Mutianyu Great Wall will be an excellent section. Not far away from Beijing center, Mutianyu Great Wall covering a large scale trees showing to the tourists. However, for the tourists who are very interested in the camp or the wild appearance, Jinshnaling Great Wall will be terrific. Housing profound history, Jinshnaling Great Wall remained the original features and wild appearance. Most interested is that it is the only one section where tourists cold have camp life.

After getting these basic tips, I believe wonderful Great Wall hiking tour is just around the corner!