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Golden Tips for Using Beijing All-purpose Card

For any tourist coming to Beijing, all-purpose card is very important used in the journey. It is also convenient for the regular tourists staying in Beijing. As a very important part in Beijing transportation, all-purpose card can lead you a nice tour in you seized the tips as followed.

Beijing All-purpose Card

All-purpose Card Purchasing
During Beijing tour, tourist can buy the all-purpose card at most of the ticket offices in the subway station. However, before you buying the all-purpose card, you should ask the staff for the detail information to avoid the trouble. You can purchase the card in the purchase office located in transport platform in the east of the north square in the subway station. If you are in the Beijing South Railway Station, you do not have to exit the railway station. You can enter the subway station inside the railway station. You can purchase the all-purpose card at the entrance of the subway station. If you are in Beijing International Airport, you can purchase the card at the ticket office of the Airport Express Line. One thing you should remember is that when you are applying the all-purpose card, you should hold your certificate. For the numbers of the cards, there is no limitation.

How to Use All-purpose Card
When you entered into the subway station, you can swipe or touch the car over the entrance reader. However, different transportation, there are different ways to use them. If you take the subway line, you should touch the car or swipe the card over the entrance reader and once again at the exit. If you transfer the Airport Express Line from other subway lines, you should swipe the card again. For taking the public bus, you should swipe the card when you get on and once again when you exit. Some buses are not allowed to swipe the card again when passengers exit.

Benefits Using All-purpose Card
Tourists using all-purpose card can enjoy much benefit, saving time and money. Just swipe one time, you can enjoy long visiting journey from downtown area to suburb area or vice versa. The most meaningful is the all-purpose card can be used in some department stores. When you purchase without enough RMB, all-purpose card can help you!

After seizing these tips, tour transportation in Beijing is easy!