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Go Fishing in Beijing

Nothing beats a fishing experience while visiting Beijing during hot summer days. It is a great way to get away from the noisy city, crowds and the fast pace. It is all about fun, relaxation as well as gourmet food. Here is a location perfect for fishing - Shangzhuang Reservoir.

Shangzhuang Reservoir

Overview of Shangzhuang Reservoir
Located in the northwestern suburbs of Beijing, Haidian District, near the National Green Lake Wetland Park, Shangzhuang Reservoir boasts the integration of leisure resort and the barbecue culture, hailed as leader industry of Beijing. Shangzhuang Reservoir is built based on the old river with a length of approximately 4km, winding and very irregular. The Reservoir and Rice Lake are the same channels separated by a bridge. As the upstream section of the lake water is shallow, the downstream reservoir water is deep, so the annual fish upstream swims down to breed in the reservoir, so the density of fish is bigger than other large reservoirs in Beijing. In terms of the fish species, the reservoir is home to crucian carp, carp, grass carp, bighead carp, catfish, black and mandarin fish, one of the biggest carp may amount to more than 5kg, 500g of crucian carp are not uncommon.

Highlight of Shangzhuang Reservoir
The reservoir is usually full of parked cars to picnic, hiking, fishing, flying a kite, enjoying barbecue. Most people like hydrophilic barbecue, if you have the same idea, Shangzhuang Reservoir is absolutely the best choice. More convenient barbecue spots can be found in the South Bank of the open beach, and sparkling water is almost within reach, absolute guarantee of safety. Fishing here you will not leave empty handed, with luck, you will soon have a fish bite the hook. Carry the loot to a small restaurant near the reservoir, wash it clean, then sprinkle it with salt and pepper, cumin, garlic, ginger powder, enjoy the barbecue on the stove, and wait for the taste till the barbecue is ready for picnic. The experience definitely will be engraved on your heart. After the long expectations, the barbecue can finally dig in. On the aromatic grass, listening to the gurgling water, eating the delicious fish from your own fishing, letting the breeze blow by, this completely DIY barbecue allows you to enjoy gourmet barbecue and have endless aftertastes.

Overall, the reservoir is not to be missed if you want to go fishing in Beijing!