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Great Short Day Trip in Beijing

Finally I got a short break from my business in Beijing, so I thought to myself, I might as well do some sightseeing while I was in Beijing, cause sometimes you just got to give yourself a break from it all, right? That was what I did anyway!

Badaling Great Wall

I joined a private tour to see Badaling Great Wall as well as the lovely Beijing Hutong. My tour guide picked me up at my hotel and we headed out in a van for Badaling – our first stop of that day trip. It took us about an hour to get there. The crowds on the wall that day were not as large as I imagined it would be though, which I was really glad! Hopped on a cable car up the wall with my guide. The stone path was quite solid and it was really amazing to trek up and down along the snaking wall with watch towers at every turn on the wall to mark our hiking distance. It was really cool to walk the wall up-close and personal! The wall itself was definitely the highlight of my trip there, but the surrounding views as well as the fresh outdoor air and landscape made it more fun and worthwhile! It seemed I just could not stop snapping photos whenever I got my chance and I just got to capture some valuable moments on the wall! It was really amazing how much you could do while trekking on the wall! I really enjoyed a wonderful time and had lots of fun too on the wall. Those Chinese guys were very friendly and all seemed to either want to talk with me or snap some photos with me! I kind of felt like a super star myself on the wall – I guess it was all because of my good-looks and all! Haha!

Beijing Hutong

After we got off the wall, we headed back to the city. We completed our day trip with a fun Hutong tour on rickshaw. It was fun and amaizngf that I got to see the lovely Beijing-style residence myself! The daily life scenes were all over the lanes and alleyways. It was no doubt a great opportunity to get a good taste of old-time Beijing! I got to say this tour is hard to beat! Great day trip! Great memories! Just loved every minute of it!