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GREAT Wall Experience

We made an early start the day we headed out to walk the Great Wall with our guide. We met at our hotel and hit the road on a ride for Mutianyu. It took more than an hour to get to the foothill of Mutianyu Great Wall - our starting point for our walk of the Great Wall.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Once we were landed on the wall, we started our walk together. The weather was hot and the walk quite good at the beginning yet got tricky later. After walking for 10km on the stone-paved path, we were both really tired and my ankles hurt too! However, the views we got from the wall made it all worth the climbs. The wall has been well renovated yet there were still some parts of the wall dangerously built on steep hills! There were very steep up and down parts on the wall with nothing to hold onto. At one point, we run into a hawker who tried to sell us some postcards and t-shirts, but we rejected him friendly. He seemed to accept our rejection quite happily but then silently followed us. Kind of creepy as we were both not too sure what was on his mind! Very strange indeed! Maybe he was not that easy to give up!

Later he stopped following us around at that point - it seemed he figured out he was in no hope of trying to close a deal with us! Afterwards we continued our walk on the wall at a gentle pace, stopping at every tower to catch some breath and get some rest from the walk. It took us about a few hours to complete our walk on the wall. At some point, we were the only hikers to be seen on the wall, which made it even more incredible. Though the walk almost sucked the energy out of us we enjoyed the adventure and the views were rewarding. At the end of the walk, we headed down the wall on a toboggan ride, which made our wall experience even more fun. Later we had a lunch at a nearby restaurant and then were on our ride back to town. We were thankful when we arrived safely back at downtown hotel.

Overall, that Great Wall experience was once-in-a-lifetime for both of us!