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Great Wall Fortification Design

For the Great Wall of China, tourists not only appreciate the magnificent appearance but also very interested in the background, wall buildings, watch towers and some wooden designs, etc. Each of them in the ancient times has certain ideas. Now, I would like to lead you to walk into the ancient Great Wall Fortification Design.

Great Wall of China

Great Wall Passes
From the original time, Great Wall was built for fighting against the enemies. It passed through the hills and dales with typical architecture. During the magnificent project, there are many different kinds of designs for the fortification. First is the typical design of Great Wall Passes. During the Great Wall building, passes were regarded as the most massive defense beachheads on the wall. The main components were always the square walls, gates, gate towers and moats. The most famous period was the Ming Dynasty when there were over one thousand passes. Among these passes, notable ones are Shanhaiguan, Huangyaguan and Juyongguan. Not far away from these big passes, there is small passes established.

Great Wall Beacon Towers
During the ancient times, Great Wall beacon towers were always used to pass military message. It is common that these Great Wall beacon towers were always built on the mountains or high locations to watching the enemies' movements. Because of the unique function, they are rented as the oldest effective telegraph system in Chinese history. Because in the daytime, it is very hard to see the fire, the soldiers took advantage of smoke to pass the message. When night falls, they set fire for sending the message. In the Ming Dynasty, the method was developed. Giving off smoke one time together with a gun shooting suggests that there were about one hundred enemies approaching. In the Ming Dynasty, they also paid much attention on the Great Wall beacon towers. They were always built on the dangerous peaks or wandering paths.

Walls of Great Wall
In the Great Wall construction, walls are the main part. In the magnificent construction, walls play a very important role connecting the passes, beacon towers watch towers and other military structures together. Especially in the vital sections, the walls are built very firm and strong. In some important sections, walls were built layer after layer to block off the enemies who have already reached the walls.

The Great Wall of China gather numerous painstaking and wisdom. It is the treasure deserved to appreciate.