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Great Wall in Zhangjiakou City

A we all know, Beijing is a gathering place housing many Great Wall sections. However, located in the Hebei Province, Zhangjiakou is also a terrific city covering thirteen sections of Great Wall measuring totally over 1,470 kilometers. Now, let us walk into them.

Zhangjiakou Great Wall

History of Zhangjiakou Great Wall
With profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Zhangjiakou Great Wall was built over eight dynasties including Warring States Period, Qin, Han, Northern Wei, Northern Qi, Tang, Jin and Ming Dynasties. It is said that Zhangjiakou is considered to be the Great Wall Museum of all Dynasties, because various Great Wall buildings can be found here. Apart from the bricks-made Great Wall, like Badaling Great Wall, many earth-piled up and stones buildings also can be found here. Top of these building also have many differences, some are round; some are flat and some are inclined. The thickness of the Great Wall is also different: some certain sections can accommodate eight people standing shoulder to shoulder at the same time, the horses can stand neck to neck. The narrowest section can beyond your imagination that one person could not walk through.

Location of Great Wall in Zhangjiakou
It is always said that different locations lead to different appearance of Great Wall. Located between Mongolian Plateau and North China Plain, Zhangjiakou city connects the offshoot of Yinshan Mountain in the west, Yanshan Mountain in the east and is the border by the northern end of Taihang Mountain in the south. It is natural boundary between the ancient nomads lived in the north and the farmers lived in the central part. The basin in the middle, formed by Sanggan River and Yanghe River, is ideal for large infantry unit to be stationed and moved about. It offers the condition that the emperors in different dynasties agreed to build the Great Wall in Zhangjiakou.

War Influence
Building in the Ming Dynasties, Zhangjiakou Great Wall was built as a defensive line along northern Beijing. In Chinese history, it is said that Zhangjiakou and Datong are the places that the war always take place. According to the history records, there are over 50 famous wars and fights took place in this place. For the reason, elegant buildings and arm headquarters settled up here.

Great Wall in Zhangjiakou is great wonder. Tourists who are interested in can have a special visit in Hebei Province.