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Great Wall Legend about Flying Dragon

For the world wonders, Great Wall always show more fairy and legendary after decorating some legends. Also, the legend is also the important part in the Great Wall sections and the tourists are interested in. Now, I will tell you a story tales about Flying Dragon.

Great Wall

Site Choosing of Great Wall Pass
In the early Ming Dynasty, in order to strengthen the defense of northwest part of China, Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang ordered the general Fengsheng go to Hexi Corridor area to guard. In order to prevent the invasion of Mongolian, general decided to find the best place to establish the pass. So, once arriving at this region, general found the best place everywhere. Finally he decided to build strong pass on the tortoise mountain. Soon, he invited the skillful workers and prepared everything. However, to be surprised is that on the second day, he came to check and found the wood materials have been lost. On one hand, he ordered the soldiers to find everywhere, on the other hand, he called the soldier and asked the condition last night. The soldier on duty last night said he is always protecting everything here without closing eyes. But I the middle night, the strong wind suddenly appeared. After getting quiet, he found the wood materials and lines lost yet. At this time, the soldier who found in other places said that the lost materials were found in the Jiayu Mountains. To all of them surprised! After getting calm down, they observed the condition carefully: white snow covered on the Qilian Mountain in the south, sets of Mazong Mountains in the north, spacious sand area in the west and green land in the east. Under the foot, the earth is flat with vast area. If they build the pass here, near the mountain and water it will be perfect. After that, the general changed the original idea and established the site here immediately.

About Flying Dragon
There is another saying about the site is the effect of Guanyunchang. In order to commemorate the great people, local people built the Guandi Temple with the coverage area about 720 square meters. One day, the thunderstorm suddenly appeared. Everything is becoming crazy. Suddenly, two golden dragons appeared. On the second day, after everything is calm down. Inside the temple, there are two dragon sculptures. This is just the legend of Flying Dragon.

Until now the site of Great Wall pass is still a mystery.