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Great Wall Terrain and Structure

As we all know, Great Walls are just like the elegant dragons zigzagging, falling and down hovering the mountains. The terrain the Great Wall traverses is complicated and varied. Long rivers, steep mountains and lofty cliffs as well as the vast grasslands all witnessed the magnificence of Great Wall.

Great Wall of China

Qin Dynasty Great Wall
Qin Great Wall started from the Liaodong and ends at Lintao in Gansu Province. The Great Wall building was built according to the local conditions. The materials are used the local materials. It is said that Qin Great Wall was made of large pieces of stones. In the dangerous locations, there will be many steep cliffs. They are always used as the Qin Great Wall after being chiseled a little. However, in some areas, Great Wall was built by mixing the grit with the local plants such as the red willows, reeds and poplars. In the even plains, the Great Wall was built from yellow soil. Ancient people made them into square shape, layer upon layer. Apart from connecting the scattered sections, Qin Great Wall also ordered to establish some other military facilities including the blockhouses, barriers and beacon towers!

Han Dynasty Great Wall
In the Han Dynasty, they basically imitated the features of Qin Great Wall. Just like, Great Wall materials are used in the local materials. However, the difference is lying in the construction types. The Ha great Wall mainly passed through the grasslands. In this area, the large sale stones are not available. For example, in Dunhuang, there are large amount of bulrush, poplar and red willows. The bulrush is measuring about 1.7 to 2.1 and the grit layer is measuring about 7.9 inches. The remnants of this kind of work remained till this day. Because the willow branch and the grit layer could bear strong tension, the Great Wall became more and more solid and strong.

Ming Dynasty Great Wall
The Great Wall in Ming Dynasty is the most solid and complete wall buildings compared with the walls built in other dynasties. During the building period, more and more lessons they got from other dynasties. Most important is that there are many fortifications were established in the Ming Dynasty. Watchtowers are the big construction with square shapes and high altitude. They still raised the smoke to warn of the dangers.

Different dynasties, Great Wall got different improvement. Under the poor condition, they are finished perfect inherited the great power of culture!