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Half Day Hiking Journey in Beijing

Last Saturday, I explored Mutianyu Great Wall with my father. We all liked the Great Wall section very much. Its unique beauty and charming all left us deep impression. During the whole journey, tour guide - Linda gave us a big encouragement. Although, it is only the half day, we enjoyed very happy and leisurely.

Mutianyu Great Wall

In the early morning, my father got up and did the preparation. He told me we should dress the loosen clothes and the water is a must to take. He is very considerate preparing everything for me. I just enjoyed the breakfast offered by the hotel. For short minutes, tour guide called us. After getting the entrance of the hotel, we saw our car, very clean and in good-condition. Driver offered us a best environment with experienced driving skill. About one hour, we got to the destination. Wow, so terrific. Mutianyu Great Wall is surrounded by the luxuriant trees, green and clear. I can't see the whole layout of Great Wall but the breathtaking sceneries. After selecting the preparations, we started our hiking journey.

The environment here is tranquil and charming. Tourists are less with sincere greetings. I saw several children jumping on the wall building very naughty. I took the pictures with the surroundings while talking with my father about the background of this sophisticated Great Wall. The beginning journey is very easy to pass that we don't need any relax. After seeing the cannon model located on the ground, we become exciting. Yes, it reflected Chinese ancient war period. We sited down appreciating the surrounded sceneries and landscapes. Not far away, there is typical watch tower, magnificent and vigorous. It is best preserved building with lots of carvings and marks. So many children are playing inside, climbing the window, jumping up and down. After appreciating this, we all felt very sad. I just wanted to say, many behaviors should be forbidden in the world wonder. We should protect it but destroy. We went on hiking. I really could not imagine how these vendors climb on the Great Wall so high with their stores. When we would soon arrived at the top of the Great Wall, my father started to be tired. He climbed with hard breath saying nothing. I helped him passing through the dangerous steps. I just loved the feeling that doing our best to conquer.

Marvelous scenery standing on the top! Half day journey is so terrific that I would store this memory forever!