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Short Journey in Summer Palace

Before coming to Beijing, my friends told me that the Summer Palace is the place really worth visiting with the most beautiful scenery. In the early morning I got to Beijing and after a short rest in my hotel, at about 2:00 pm I began my Half

Day Summer Palace Tour. Great, the trip didn't disappoint me. I really enjoy a happy time in the Imperial Garden.

The Summer Palace is located on the western edge of Beijing, between the fourth and fifth ring roads. I once thought that it is a very large palace, somewhat misleading in name, it is a big park. It is said that the Summer Palace is the largest and best preserved imperial garden of the Qing Dynasty extant in Beijing, as well as a famous classical imperial garden, covering an area of 290 hectares.


Bird Eye View

The tour guide told me that the Summer Palace was a place the emperor visited during the summer. When I got there, I could feel that it was cooler compared to Beijing City. So it is really a wonderful place for traveling in summer and autumn. There was a large lake in the middle of the Palace and a summer breeze from time to time made the walk refreshing. The bridge over the lake and the nicely decorated corridors were my favorite parts of the Palace. I really appreciate the designer. There's also a big boat on the bank of the lake made of marble that an empress built to take tea on. She built this with money she should have used to build a navy, and as a consequence, she lost the war. That's the story I've been told and I don't know whether it is true.

To my surprise there are so many temples on the hill. But you have to pay again to go into each temple! So I was cheapskate and just looked at them from the outside. All in all, the Summer Palace is virtually a museum of traditional Chinese garden arts that blends rocks, trees, pavilions, lakes, ponds, paths and other features to create a poetic effect between different scenes.

I really enjoy the scenery here and once came I lost myself in it. Thank you again to my kindly and experienced tour guide!