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Half Day Tour, Full of Pleasure

Just come to Beijing for business, I stayed in Beijing one day. For the half day free time, I enjoyed the Badaling Great Wall. The tour is very responsible leading me feel very happy. Booking this tour is the suggestion of my friend who have visited before. By the rare chance to Beijing, it is a must to get close to the world wonder.

Badaling Great Wall

I got up early and waited my tour guide. She told me the unique magnificence of Badaling Great Wall. I got on the car and started our journey. On the way, tour guide and I, we talked from Chinese ancient history to the background of Chinese Great Wall, from the past to the modern faster economy. In many topics, we held same ideas. About 1.5 hour, we arrived at Badaling. Weather on the day is very climate, shining everything. Temperature is little cooler. What I liked best is the environment. Located in the Beijing suburb area, Badaling Great Wall is just like a solitary guard protecting everything.

Just sanding at the foot, I can taste its brave and original atmosphere. Exciting feeling started to surround me in the beginning. I took out my preparation and climbed to the 'history teller'. First time come to visit Great Wall, I did not know there would be vendors here. They shouted and sold various souvenirs. I did not feel any tiredness just roaming in the noisy world. After ten minutes, I came to the ground where the venders are less. Oh, so terrific! I see the breathtaking scenery far away. Even the layout of the Great Wall far away appeared to me with dragon-style appearance. I admire the sceneries very much. If carefully appreciated, some wild flowers can be found in the wall corners. The watchtowers show very similar as the book said. Standing inside, I felt the feeling and war scene of ancient China. Journey is becoming closer and closer, but I felt more and more tired. At last, each step needs my all effort. I supported the wall with my hand finishing the remaining distance. Breath became very hard.

I counted the steps and encouraged myself. Yes, finally I was the hero finishing the whole journey. Mysterious exciting feeling cannot be expressed by any words!