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Half Day Walk outside Beijing

Over the last couple of days, I had been tied up with work. Yesterday, I got a day off, however. I figured that I might as well stretch my legs for a little bit. So I decided to head for the Great Wall outside Beijing for a walk. I really had fun that half day of walking on the wall at Badaling section.

Badaling Great Wall

My tour guide picked up at my hotel in the morning and we jumped on a van and hit the road to Badaling. The ride over there took me less than an hour. It was a sunny day, and the sun just started to show up in the sky when we got there. We waited in line for a while to get the tickets, afterwards, we hopped on a chair lift up the mountain where the wall was built. I got a great view of the snaking wall on the lift up. The wall itself was very impressive. We started to walk along the stone path the second we landed on the wall. As we walked along the wall, the crowds got thick - it did not surprise me though, considering that it was such a fine day and everyone needed some outdoor exercises, just like me. The mountain air was very crisp and refreshing at that time. It felt really great to breathe in the fresh air and take in everything came my way while walking along the path. There were plenty of great picture opportunities on the wall. My tour guide Lee was filling me in some history and legend about the Great Wall by my side, which made my walk on the wall more meaningful.

After over an hour of walking along the paths, I had to take a rest and catch some breath as my ankles started getting sore. So we found a watch tower where there were fewer tourists hanging around. By the time we continued on our walk, the sun had made its way almost in the middle of the sky. It was getting hotter and hotter, which made our walk even more difficult. My efforts were rewarded by the scenery, though, as we walked further on the wall. The scenery was even more spectacular than I saw before. Soon, it was time to get off the wall and call it a day for me. We grabbed a toboggan slide down the wall, which added more fun to my walk on the wall.

Overall, it was a great half day break and I really enjoyed my walk on the wall. I cannot wait to explore outside Beijing again! This time I will venture further.