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Have Fun at Night in Beijing

Beijing has not only a wide variety of ancient sights to offer, there are still diverse options for night out while visiting Beijing. You can easily enjoy an incredible night out alone or with friends by heading in to one of the many clubs or bars to have fun during your summer tour in Beijing.

Top Destination for Fun in Beijing
Beijing Sanlitun Bar Street

Sanlitun Bar Street, is located in Chaoyang District on Sanlitun Road East Workers Stadium East, with numerous and famous bars and clubs lining the street. The first bar was founded in 1983. Sitting next to the embassy district, there are many foreigners coming here to relax. Because the street is so famous, some foreign embassies flood into the clubs or bars from Sanlitun road to Sanlitun bar street, which is open from every afternoon to the early morning of the second day. The Sanlitun area is home to high-grade hotels, shopping malls and more. Daytime it is relatively deserted, after 9:00pm it comes alive. There are many foreigners driving a car or taking a taxi to get here every day, especially in the evening, foreigners flocked over here for fun, as well as many Chinese party-goers.

Another Must-go Destination for Fun at Night
Beijing Houhai Bar Street

Houhai Bar Street is different from Sanlitun, where western style bars and Chinese tea house and Tavern coexist, with beautiful waterfront and a dynamic, quiet and calm vibe. It is said that the Houhai Bar Street was formed only ten years ago, the original guest is blonde foreigners. After getting famous it became a favorite haunt for travelers. The upscale bar with Europe and the United States style can be found here, menu written in English, the supply of wine and Western style meals. If you want, you also can enjoy authentic Beijing dishes. Chinese style pub has a long row of the tables set outside, offering fried seafood, Beijing snacks and Beijing Erguotou and Yanjing, Qingdao, Budweiser and other brands of beer, all affordable. Therefore, this is a popular haunt for night-out seekers in the summer. The tavern is very clean, service is enthusiastic, letting visitors getting relaxed, showing a feeling of home. To enhance the environment, bars, restaurants offer no band. After a busy day, sit by the lake, enjoy the wine - great way to while away a night.

Overall, summer travel in Beijing can be fun and an essential experience!