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Have Fun Exploring Water in Summer Palace

There is truly nothing like a fun and serene cruise in Summer Palace while visiting Beijing during summer days. With a cruse down the river all you need to do is relax, have fun or just kick back. Summer Palace makes for a great retreat to get away from the summer heat, the crowds and the fast pace of the city.

Summer Palace

Overview of Kunming Lake
Kunming Lake features a design based on embankments and bridges. Kunming Lake in Summer Palace is a not wide dike, with six bridges built on the embankment, forming countless graceful scenery, which is no less than the Hangzhou West Lake Causeway. The most beautiful bridge is the Jade Belt Bridge. In the south of the park sits an island, connected with the Seventeen Hole Bridge. According to the design of Chinese Royal Garden, the lake is modeled on the Hangzhou West Lake Causeway. The sparkling lake, winding path, the scattered islands, as well as various buildings looming in the lake scenery, stunning scenery makes a cruise on Kunming Lake an essential Chinese experience. In the Summer Palace it features clever use of China garden art, the distant mountain and Yuquan mountain peaks are in the sight of visitors, offering a landscape of lakes and mountains, adding radiance and beauty to each other, very beautiful. Main sights include Xidi and Dongdi, there are six bridges still in good shape. The South Lake Island offers the most beautiful scenery, covering an area of 16 acres, with Hanxu Hall and Jade Temple and other ancient buildings on the island. Looking from the high point on the island, a landscape of lakes and mountains spreads out.

Features of Summer Palace
Barrier free facilities and services: barrier free main gates, the barrier free main tour routes, barrier free Toilet, obstacle free signs.
Cruise terminals: eight square Pavilion, Wenchang Pavilion, Yu Lan, paiyundian, stone pavilion, bronze bull, stone boat, South Lake island.
Ship types: hand boating, paddle boat, battery boat, large cruise ships.
Number of cruise ships: 350.
Large cruise ships operate boat tour business: daytime from 8:00 to 17:00; nighttime from 18:00 to 22:00. Interpretation service includes Chinese, English and Russian guide to tourists. Battery boat cruise consists of five stations. Operation time: from 9:00 to 16:00, not rest at weekend.

Overall, you will have lots of fun while enjoying water and views in Summer Palace!