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Have Fun with Water in Water Cube

Hailed as one of the most famous modern architecture landmarks in Beijing, Water Cube has been a must-see sight for visitors to Beijing since the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing. The Water Park on Water housed in Water Cube is a great place to escape from the summer heat while visiting Beijing in summer.

Waterpark in Water Cube

Overview of the Water Park
The Water Cube, located in Beijing city Chaoyang District housed in the National Swimming Center (Water Cube). Covering an area of about 20000 square meters, it is the largest leisure park in Asia, with the most advanced indoor water facilities. The park has been the most successful operation mode after the 2008 Olympic Games! In 2010, here became the most popular indoor water recreation projects. In the bubble covered Water Cube full floating colorful corals, soft, transparent jellyfish and green seaweed, peculiar fish, fairy lights and music, the Water Park is a fantastic submarine fairyland. The park boasts a bold and creative design, with the inside part of the area planned as a relatively independent indoor water park, by using the most advanced international water recreation facilities and patented technology, products and services to provide rich cultural leisure and recreation. Now the water park has become a magnet for visitors to Beijing in summer.

Feature of the Water Park
The water park offers a total of ten water recreation projects, more than 20 kinds of ways for visitors to experience water entertainment thrills, excitement and joy. The deep sea adventure boasts storms on rivers and seas, tornado, rapid undercurrent, undersea shuttle for tourists to enjoy open water trip. The water cube music stage is equipped with strong, Ambilight lighting, trendy music and the wave pool to increase the water fun to the extreme. Intelligent temperature control system of the water park will provide the most comfortable temperature for human body. According to different seasons, the rooms enjoy different temperature, to ensure that visitors enjoy all sorts of water activities. According to suit the human body the requirements, the temperature is vary. Massage and bubble pool offers visitors a warm place for rest, while in the NEMO House tourists can happily splash in the comfortable warm water with each other. Crazy dream drifting, tsunami, magic castle and various slide are also in line with intelligent temperature control regulation. The waterpark is dedicated to providing the most healthy, comfortable, safe paddling trips for visitors.

Overall, Waterpark in Water Cube is not to be missed while visiting Beijing in summer!