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Have Fun with Water in Wendu Water City

There is nothing better than having fun with water during hot summer days. It will be fun and a great getaway from the summer heat, crowds and fast-pace of the metropolis of Beijing. For fun with water while visiting Beijing, Wendu Water City is second to none.

Beijing Wendu Water City

Overview of Wendu Water City
Wendu Water City is located in Qigezhuang Village, Beiqijia Town, Changping District. The very highlight of the resort is no doubt the water. The Leisure City uses water as the source of life as the theme, high-grade business meeting, hot springs health, water Carnival - all available in an ecological theme leisure city. Meandering 7km long, an artificial drainage flowing in all directions around the leisure community, Wendu Water City makes for a perfect retreat for visitors to Beijing. The Wendu Leisure City is also rich in geothermal resources - it has developed five springs boasting depth of three thousand meters with the water temperature up to 79 ℃, rich in various minerals. The water is everywhere in the leisure resort: City International Hotel, water hall, 7 kilometers around the city water system, charming gondola, water carnival, hot spring water, health club offering fitness and spa, and so on, letting you fully take in the essence of water.

Highlight Programs to Explore
Water Space: the resort boasts construction area of about 20000 square meters, featuring glass curtain wall decoration, adjustable curtains to control the amount of sunlight. The resort also offers roof which can be opened up to 70m. Wendu Leisure City water space project in Asia at present is the state of art using water as the theme built the entertainment venue, which can accommodate 5000 people for entertainment in the spot. There are standard international competition swimming pool, artificial waves up to 216 kinds, surfing, indoor space basin, speed skating, river rafting, ecological beach, play pool for children, family interaction area and dining area, semi underground water, Coffee housing, commercial, leisure area, VIP, bionic plants etc. Wendu Health Center: has building area of about 8000 square meters, featuring contracted style, concise and clear, filled with all kinds of subtropical plants offering the shade like tropical rainforest. Health center offers a wide variety of health programs, like hot spring culture, the spa, hot springs, Yoga, and health concept, advocating the new concept of leisure and health.

Overall, Wendu Water City is not to be missed while visiting Beijing during summer days!