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Have Fun with Watermelon in Beijing

As it is well into the summer, the watermelon is the most popular fruit of the Chinese people. With a visit to Beijing during summer days, you will get a chance to enjoy the watermelon and have fun picking your favorite watermelon with your own hands. In doing so, you have to venture further outside Beijing to Daxing - hailed as the home of watermelon in Beijing. Moreover, you will not only enjoy the succulent watermelon but also get a chance to take in the lovely rural China.

Watermelon Festival in Beijing Daxing District

2014 Watermelon Festival in Daxing
Daxing Watermelon Festival has been held 25 times, in 2014 it will be extended from a few day to several months. The festival involves a series of fun activities, which lasts from May to July. It is the most popular rural China travel destination during the watermelon season. From the 26th Beijing Daxing Watermelon Festival press conference, in 2014 the watermelon festival will begin in May 28th, which contains various theme activities involving watermelon, to bring visitors a different travel experience. According to the Daxing District spokesperson in charge, in 2014, the watermelon festival will hold the sweet life creative Food Contest National Challenge Cup, watermelon carving contest and many other theme activities. The annual watermelon festival, Daxing will be the first to introduce international exchange activities, including the world Gourmet Food and wine book series, International New Media Forum, and there will be more than 50 countries and regions to participate in competition. The festival will be an essential summer experience in Beijing.

More Details about Daxing Watermelon
Reportedly, 2014, Daxing District has a planting area of 70000 mu, which includes 25000 acres of small sized watermelon, 45000 acres of middle sized watermelon, watermelon production in 2014 is expected to reach 220000000 kg. At present, small fruit watermelon is available in market. In 2014 the travelers or locals can not only have fun picking watermelons, but also book watermelon online delivered by the home delivery logistics company. Daxing District Commission relevant responsible person said that the new central wholesale market and Huatang supermarket will also have Daxing watermelon on shelf. Now the watermelon from Daxing has become an important part of travel in Beijing and very popular among the locals and tourists.

Overall, you can easily spend a few days having fun with watermelon in Beijing during summer days.