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Highlight of My 4-day Trip to Beijing

This 4-day trip to Beijing was fun and full of highlights. I really enjoyed every minute of it. I got picked up by our tour guide after I landed in Beijing and she took me straight to my hotel. Afterwards, I spent rest of the day on my own.

Beijing Hutong

The next day morning, our tour guide showed up early, after I finished my breakfast, I hopped on the bus with her. We first headed for Tiananmen Square. The square is really large and jam-packed with Chinese style buildings. I lingered around the square for a little while before I was taken to visit the Forbidden City. Our visit to the imperial palace was kind of in a rush, and I did like it at all. However, our walk down some lanes in the suburb of Beijing saved my day. I got to see the daily life scenes of Beijing up close and personal, which was fun and memorable. I got to say, the Hutong walk is on e of the highlights of my trip to Beijing. Everything turned out the way I expected. A relaxing stroll down the crisscrossed lanes, window shopping, as well as a rickshaw ride all made that afternoon meaningful and fun. By the way, I also enjoyed a night out to see a night show in a theater. The show is really a bonus for my first day trip. I really enjoyed the performances and had a good time.

Mutianyu Great Wall

The next day, a visit to the Temple of Heaven aside, I was taken to explore outside Beijing proper in the afternoon. It took us over an hour to get to Mutianyu Great Wall. The minute we landed on the wall, our wall walking started right away. It was really amazing to walk the solid stone paths with hardly anyone around. By the way, great picture opportunities were all over the place. I felt really great to take in the refreshing outdoor air, the lovely countryside landscape as well as the majestic Great Wall. I really had a lot of fun walking with the other guys along the wall. By the time we got off the wall, I also got a chance to see the sunset on the wall, which was truly breathtaking and made a hard-to-beat picture as well.

Overall, I am really glad I got hang out in Beijing that day. It was fun and memorable!