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Highlight of My Beijing Travel

I had a day break last week in Beijing. So I decided to do some sightseeing and called the hotel staff the other night and asked him to help me arrange a trip in Beijing. The next morning, my lovely tour guide showed up and I hopped on a car with her and hit the road for my day trip. Our first stop was the Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. Got to say, the imperial palace did not impress me much and it was packed with crowds. After lunch, my tour guide and I jumped in the car again, and this time we hit the road for Badaling – definitely the highlight of my day trip!

Badaling Great Wall

It did not take long to arrive at the Great Wall and after she took care of the entrance and cable car, we hopped on the chair lift up the wall. I had about 2 hours to explore the Great Wall and take pictures. Looking far beyond the greenery-covered countryside, I was totally dazzled by the amazing landscape, which stretched as far as my eyes could see. The paths at Badaling section were easy to handle, but there were some steep sections there as well. The walk to the first tower was very easy and short, as it was quite close to our starting point on the wall. People were flooding through the narrow archways of the first tower, I intended to get some pictures over there, but I just could not manage the crowd surrounding me. Other than the crowds at some sections of the wall, great picture ops are everywhere. I did get a nice view of the Great Wall at some point, gazing it snaking over the ridgeline. It was still flat stone paved paths, but it was much steeper as we headed for the second tower. On the other side of the second tower we found a place to sit and take a break.

After the short break, we started hike for the fourth tower. The tower was further than the other three ones, and the wide paths on the wall became much narrower as we marched forward. It was a fine day, with warm sun, little breeze passing by and when there was fewer people out there, I felt really great. Overall it was really a lifetime experience and I had so much fun!