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Highlight of My Tours in Beijing

My travel in China was launched in Beijing and I spent a couple days exploring the historic city. It was fun and I visited dozens of incredible sights. Personally, I just loved the Great Wall at Mutianyu section and the walk on the wall was just amazing - definitely the highlight of my travel in Beijing.

Mutianyu Great Wall

The reason why I opted for this section of the wall to visit was because it is significantly less crowded and offers dramatic views of towers winding across mountains and woodlands. Even more importantly, there was a toboggan slide available out there! After all was set, I hit the road for Mutianyu with my tour guide Cathy. The ride over there was quite interesting and did not take very long time for us to get there.

The walk up to the wall was quite rewarding. Never in my wildest dream did I think I would be so up close and personal with the wall. It was not until I walked for half an hour and paused that I realized that I really made it! During the walk, Cathy offered to take some photos for me with the wall. I also found that all visitors shared the same feeling as I did on the wall. The walk on the wall was as spectacular as it could be! The view is completely different from the city and totally took my breath away. While exploring the wall, Cathy kept filling me some history of the wall to help me to better understand the significance of each tower.

While walking up the stairs for hours, my ankles ached and my face dripped with sweat but I never stopped except for some rest by the towers. As the sun went down gracefully, we picked up the pace and got down on a toboggan ride.

There were so many unforgettable memories on my trip to the wall. Even though the walk was over I still felt excited and definitely wanted to see more of it. The experience was incredible and it was by far the highlight of my China travel.