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Highlight of Our Great Wall Experience

For the last few days, I have visited the Great Wall at different sections with my brother Joe. It was really a fun and exciting excursion we did and it was full of overwhelming experiences. Part of the wall was well restored yet too touristy while other part left to nature and very wild. Both of us just loved the fragments of the wall off the beaten road. Our adventure to those sections was absolutely the highlight of our wall experience.

Simatai Great Wall

First highlight is of course the section called Jinshanling and Simatai. We have heard of the section before but we never expected it would be so wild and dangerous to trek through. We had to be extra careful with every step on the crumbling path overgrown with shrubs and bushes, making it very hard to trek through. But that was part of the adventure we were looking for and it was so thrilling to climb up and down the path. The trek we did was definitely much of a challenge for both of us and we had to stop from time to time to get some rest and in the meantime snap some great photos. The views out there on the snaking and crumbling wall were incredible and very spectacular and completely blew us away! The crumbling wall is way better than the restored wall, especially those crumbling watch towers which made great photos. By the way, it was a sunny day and we both enjoyed trekking along the crumbling path out there that day!

Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Another our favorite section is Huanghuacheng. The section of the wall is also off the beaten road and so different from all of the other sections of the wall. There were reservoir, dam and lakes out there, all sitting near the wall, making the sight very unique and rare. We had an incredible trek down there too and enjoyed exploring the combination of the wall and the lake. Our excursion over there was full of adventure and blood-pumping experiences and it was just incredible to trek through the wilderness out there. The wall itself out there was very old and wild too. Trekking along the crumbling path felt like traveling back in time and it was just amazing to explore the wall in that way!

Overall, it was a memorable wall experience we had in Beijing! Great Wall and great vacation!