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Hiking in Suburb of Beijing

This summer, my son and I visited China. We launched our travel from Beijing and did some sightseeing in the city proper. One day we decided to see the Great Wall at Badaling and a gorge nearby. We made an early start with our guide from our hotel and hit the road for Badaling first.

Badaling Great Wall

It took us about an hour to get to the foothill of the wall. We decided to take the cable car up so we could have more time explore the wall. Once we got up there the size of the wall completely blew us away. We were both overwhelmed while standing on the engineering feat of China. Our guide Lee filled us some stories about the wall. So many people died to build such a massive structure. We took our time exploring the wall, walking around, taking in the views, feeling the stones underneath our feet. It seemed the wall went as far as our eyes could see. Everywhere we walked there was great photo opportunity. After hiking for two hours on the wall we headed back down.

Longqing Gorge

By the time we got back down we headed to a restaurant for lunch. With the steep climbs and hot weather on the wall, we were both very tired and had to take some rest. After our lunch break, we headed out to the second stop, Long Qing Gorge. After entering the entrance, we walked into a plaza filled with sculptures, rocks and waterfalls. We saw lots of pigeons on the open plaza and fed a few of them. Next, we took a ride on Soaring Dragon Elevator to get up the steep mountain. We entered through a doorway that looked like the open mouth of Chinese dragon. The outside was more exciting than the elevator ride. We also took a boat ride cruising the beautiful river and afterwards we did a bit of hiking back on land. The views over there were just incredible, with lovely hills, steep cliffs and river all over the place. The off the beaten path gorge is really a great place to relax and take in rural China sights. When it was time to head back, we found our way back to the entrance and got back to the city center with our guide.

Overall, it was a great day trip we had outside Beijing and we both enjoyed every minute of it!