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Hiking Remaining Trails of Great Wall

Great Wall of China has long been hailed as one of the most extraordinary engineering feats in the world and definitely is worth exploring while visiting Beijing! For an off-the-beaten-path hiking experience to the Great Wall, it is highly recommended to head further to Jinshanling Section. Here are some highlights not to be missed while hiking up the crumbling Great Wall:

Dazzling Display of Autumn Colors at Every Turn
Jinshanling Great Wall

The best time to visit the Great Wall is no doubt during cool autumn days when the wide open countryside bursts out with a dazzling display of autumn colors. Come in autumn, the leaves of the tree turn yellow or red, the flowers explode with dazzling spectrum of colors – adding more charms and fun to your trip to Jinshanling while hiking up the Great Wall. At the time, Jinshanling is a dream place popular with photographers and enthusiastic hikers from all over the world. The dazzling explosion of autumn colors is reason enough for you to hike up the crumbling trails at Jinshanling section, let alone the fresh outdoor air. Moreover, as is located further than the other sections of the Great Wall, you will get the Great Wall all to yourself and explore it at your own leisurely pace as long as you want!

Crumbling Relics Hardly Seen Anywhere Else
Jinshanling Great Wall

The Great Wall at Jinshanling section is not restored and pretty much left to nature, therefore hiking up the crumbling and wild trails of the Great Wall will take you to see the original Great Wall up-close and personal. Moreover, Jinshanling has an impressive collection of remaining watch tower relics and stone paths - all over the place. You will get to see one at every turn while hiking along the trails of the Great Wall there! These historical relics are definitely worth seeing before they are scraped out of the face of the earth. The remains of the watch towers make for quite a sight and photo content while exploring the Great Wall at Jinshanling! While you may find it challenging to hike up the crumbling remains of the Great Wall trails, but it is the fun part of exploring the Great Wall at Jinshanling section!

To sum it up, you will have a lot of fun hiking up the Great Wall at Jinshanling section and it will be a lifetime experience for you!