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Historical Summer Resort - Old Summer Palace

For summer holiday in Beijing, visit a garden full of green coverage will be a nice choice. Among so many historical sites and imperial gardens, Old Summer Palace is always forgotten by tourists. To get rid of summer heat and learn more about Beijing, Old Summer Palace is also regarded as a right place.

Old Summer Palace

Incomparable History
Although, Old Summer Palace has been destroyed in the past wars, it also conquered with unique tranquility, fresh atmosphere and the historical relics. Most important thing is that it is the history witness. Being built in Kangxi reign of Qing Dynasty, Old Summer Palace experienced about 100 years' construction. It was enlarged and expanded to a largest-scale imperial garden for summer resort and pleasure. With the coverage area of about 350 hectares, it has attracted much attention no matter in the modern days or the past years. Wandering along this historical delicate garden, tourists could enjoy the ancient history appreciating these ruined wonders. Also, they could enjoy the tranquil environment sitting down. Especially during the summer holidays, all the surrounded residences and tourists will come here for summer relaxed. At this time, this palace will recover its lively atmosphere.

Marvelous Building Construction
Old Summer Palace both enjoy summer relaxed and history records. Basically, this large scale area is composed by three main parts, Yuanmingyuan, Wanchunyuan and Changchunyuan. Tourists here can just take in its unique beauty. More than hundreds of scenic spots gathered here making up exquisite halls, pavilions, lakes, rivers and ponds. Sitting on the ruined stones, you will find these stones or the ruined architecture showed western style building. It is right that this mysterious garden gathered the traditional building style. If you are very interested in the background history, you can choose the video room to appreciate the Old Summer Palace Recovery Scene to enjoy the unique beauty and grand atmosphere. All the ruined scenic spots are piled up forming a complete beautiful picture mixing western style charming, Chinese traditional carving skill and the terrific designing ideas. After that, then enjoy what you are interested, roaming in your imagination. This time, you will find the essence of your summer holiday here.

Boating in the water lakes to enjoy the surroundings, you will be completely impressed by the defective beauty of Old Summer Palace!