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Historic Value of Qin, Zhao and Yan Great Wall

The Warring States Qin, Zhao, Yan Great Wall is of great historical value. First of all, it shows that, only the construction of the Great Wall plus a certain number of troops could prevent the northern nomadic cavalry carrying out lightning raid. Without the Great Wall, even if there are a large number of infantry and cavalry, it is still not defense. The Warring States period plenty of historical facts have proved this point. Because the Great Wall is effective military defense project, and later adopted by Qin Shihuang. Qin Shihuang after the expulsion of the Huns in Mobei, ordered Meng Tian immediately to build the new Great Wall.

Great Wall of China

Secondly, the Great Wall during the Warring States of Qin, Zhao, Yan is based on the situation with the wall built upon the mountains, valley and plain areas. Building high thick walls is to defend Hun and Donghu cavalry. Beyond the Great Wall, both inside and outside the commanding sections they also built Beacon Tower, for scouting and delivering a message, letting the Great Wall garrison ready. At the traffic intersection of the wall built barrier city, garrison, to strengthen the defensive ability of the Great Wall. Within the Great Wall, at a distance, the city had built the garrison and a message prompt communication network, so that the wall is unified to support each other. The Great Wall and Beacon Tower, City Passes and other ancillary buildings constitute a complete military defense system.

This set of military defense system is scientific and effective. It is very important for later military defensive project. Meng Tian had built the Great Wall of Qin Dynasty, although all new, but obviously, he designed it based on the wall built during the Warring States Qin, Zhao, Yan. For example, he used the mountain terrain, because of the dangers to build city barrier. He built the Great Wall upon the mountains, ridges, peaks and ridges for the city so that Xiongnu cavalry, unable to cross the river. Sometimes the Great Wall was built in the river, as the enemy is not good with water. Qin Great Wall Beacon Tower has improved, built in the open mountain, but according to the terrain, every 10 meters built a tower. The city also has improved barrier for traffic by the mouth of valley.

Overall, the Great Wall of Qin, Zhao and Yan played a key role in Chinese architectural history.